The Role of the Board

The Laggan and Sorn District Salmon Fishery Board is responsible in terms of Scottish Salmon and Fresh Water Fisheries Legislation for salmon and sea trout fisheries protection and enhancement in the fresh and coastal waters of the Inner Hebridean island of Islay.

The Board’s aim is to provide for a healthy and sustainable population of salmon and sea trout on the island for the benefit of the local communities and for visiting anglers and tourists coming to the island to enjoy everything that the Queen of the Hebrides has to offer.

The principal rivers on Islay are the Laggan and the Sorn and in addition there are significant burns benefiting from runs of fish and sea going populations of sea trout to be found at certain points around the Islay Coast.

The Board undertakes habitat enhancement and fishery survey work and implements habitat improvement and protection operations as required.

Powers and duties of the Board
The powers and duties of a DSFB are summarised below:


  • to act, undertake works and incur expenses for the protection and improvement of the fisheries within their districts, for the increase of salmon and sea trout and the stocking of the district with these fish.
  • to impose financial assessments on each salmon fishery in the district, and to charge interest on arrears.
  • to borrow funds, and to incur a wide range of expenditure in furtherance of their powers and duties.
  • to appoint bailiffs to enforce the salmon fisheries legislation.
  • exempt persons from certain provisions of the law for scientific or other purposes.
  • to sue in the name of the clerk.


  • to appoint a clerk
  • to maintain a list of proprietors within the DSFBs district
  • to produce an annual report and audited accounts and to consider these at an AGM
  • to call a triennial electoral meeting